How do I choose or design the correct load lifting sling ?

  1. First know the weight of the Job you are lifting ( The Safe working Load - SWL or the Working Load Limit WLL).
  2. The number of lifting points, to engage the sling to lift the job or load, will decide the number of legs of the sling.
  3. Decide on the rigging hardware fittings required; like hooks, shackles, swivels or plate clamps that may be used at the bottom of the sling leg.
  4. The type of hitch required will depend on the shape and size of job to be lifted - straight lift, choker lift or basket hitch.
  5. Combinations of two, three and four leg slings, in which the legs can be rigged around the job in any of the hitches described in ‘d’ above.
  6. The overhead crane capacity
  7. Nature of the job, the environment, temperature are important while choosing which type of sling. For example Polyester slings are best suited when the surface of the job must be protected or when flexibility is of paramount importance in handling the load or job.
  8. The sling angles play an important role while designing a lifting sling.
  9. Whether the load is balanced or asymmetrical is crucial while designing the sling for lifting equipment or load.

How to order a lifting sling ?

  1. Define the length of sling and load to be lifted.
  2. Specify the number of legs in the sling.
  3. Select the rigging hardware like hooks, shackles, swivels or plate clamps that may be used at the bottom of the sling leg or legs.
  4. Convey as much information about the job or load to be lifted to the supplier / manufacturer of slings.
  5. Insist that the sling must have identification label for load carrying capacity, date of test, name of manufacturer.

What are the 3 types of slings ?

1. Wire Rope Slings mechanically ferrule spliced. 2. Polyester Slings or Synthetic slings ( Flat Webbing Slings, Endless Round Slings, Heavy Duty Round Slings made from Dyneema) 3. Chain slings

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